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healing our relationship with ourselves
healing our relationship with the earth

it's reciprocal.

We are not meant to heal in isolation. We're hardwired to be in community with nature. I guide you back into relationship with the earth and with yourself so that you feel fully alive, free, and aligned with your purpose.

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“Sara has helped me discover how to live authentically—by honoring each part of myself, I have discovered my whole self. I have learned how to anticipate needs I never knew I had; how to fuel my power and act toward the future I want to create.”

Lauren Z., Teacher & Administrator-in-Training

Whether you are...

...stepping into adulthood...
...navigating a career change...
...experiencing a big life transition...

we all share a common thread: 

We want to feel seen and be accepted for who we truly are.

We want to get out of our head and into our heart. We want to feel confident living life on our own terms. We want to feel like we belong and are contributing to something greater than ourselves. 

hi there, i'm sara.

I want you to remember: we are nature!

I believe that the western world's extractive, colonialist culture broke our relationship with the earth & ourselves. When we remember how to be in relationship with nature, we remember how to be in relationship with our authentic selves. From this place, we begin to impact positive social change.





And yet, these things were not radical at one time. They were the norm that ancient cultures lived by. Humans understood their interconnected relationship with the natural world and lived in tune with the earth's nervous system.


Today, there's a deep disconnect that shows up on both individual and collective levels. We see ourselves as a separate entity from nature, rather than a part of her, our bodies as an extension of her. And we see the consequences everywhere: personal loss of purpose, climate despair, fractured communities, chronic mental health illness. 

Is it really that simple? Can all of modern day society's issues be traced back to this one core wound?


No, of course not. Nothing is that simple, dualistic, nor linear. The complexities are beyond what we can even imagine.


And it is for this very reason I began to ask myself, "What can I possibly do? What one little thing can I dedicate my life to, trusting that the ripple effect will positively impact my community and the earth?" This work is my response. I'm grateful you're here.

Nature-connection is radical. Rest is radical. Magic is radical.


"When how you appear is who you are, you are truly free." - Joe Dispenza

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Hiking in Forest
Image by Shane Rounce
Image by Casey Horner

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