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About Me

I am a teacher, HSP, facilitator, wannabe creative writer, and certified Nature-Connected Coach. I'm here to help you slow down, turn inward, unearth your true self buried under all the messy layers of society, and co-create a soulful life deeply connected with the earth. I see this work as a form of activism - when we challenge the status quo, we shake things up a bit in our communities. 

I know what it is like to feel...

  • unhappy in my job yet unsure of how to make a meaningful career change

  • stuck in my head & disconnected from my heart

  • frozen in analysis paralysis

  • overwhelmed by the fast pace of society

  • out of balance 

  • stressed out all the time

  • a deep longing for...for what? 

For the past 8+ years, I've been on a journey to drop out of my head & into my soul. By remembering my innate relationship with the natural world, ongoing self-soul-spirit partswork, embodiment practices, and a whole lotta sticky notes & journaling - I'm now a recovering perfectionist committed to living a soul-led life in alignment with my internal rhythm and the cycles of the earth. I'm practicing what I call a life of wild presence & want to help you do the same.  

In 2022, I completed a year-long, +300 hour transformational life coaching certification program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am now a certified Nature-Connected Coach and am working towards my Associate Certified Coach credential through the ICF. I'm also a licensed teacher with a 10+ year career in both formal and non-profit education, with experiences ranging from facilitating leadership development seminars to behind-the-scenes curriculum development to traditional classroom teaching.

I see each of our endeavors in life as a beautiful thread weaving the fabric of our stories. Let's weave ours together. 

forest head shot.JPEG

Let's connect! 

Schedule a no-obligation 20-minute connection call with me. I'll share more about what I offer, you share more about what you crave. 

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