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Womxn's Circle

Monthly on Zoom around the Full Moon

Next Circle: TBD - if you'd like to be kept in the loop, register below

Send me info about joining Circle!

I'm also not a fan of excessive emails. Don't worry, this is not that.

I offer this Womxn's Circle on an equity-based sliding scale to ensure accessibility for all, regardless of financial situation. I encourage those who have greater financial resources to pay more, which in turn supports those who may have less financial resources right now. Below are suggested contributions - feel into what is most aligned for you right now:


  • Ally Contribution: $40+ (for those who have the financial means to support others)

  • Core Contribution: $25 (for those with sufficient financial stability)

  • Supported Contribution: $0-$10 (for those experiencing financial hardship)

  • Sit in community with womxn, witness others' stories, and lean in to being seen, heard & held for who you truly are

  • Experience guided nature-connection practices to help regulate your nervous system & tune into your intuition

  • Align your energy and awareness with the seasonal, lunar, & internal cycles 

  • Carve out space to tend to your heart & intentions and practice radical rest

  • Deepen your relationship with Mother Earth 

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